Duke Energy NAYGN chapter honored with award

And the winner is ……….

Duke Energy’s North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN) chapter was recently honored with the organization’s first-ever Public Information Award. The award was created by NAYGN specifically to help chapters become more proactive in their public information efforts. All across Duke Energy’s chapters, public information events have always been a focus for the NAYGN group, but in response to this year’s award, member say they will continue to increase their efforts.

With more than 500 members at seven sites, as well as the Raleigh and Charlotte corporate offices, Duke Energy’s NAYGN chapters held 15 different community events, including public meetings and open houses, homeschooler’s day, plus classroom visits and drawing contests.

“We realize every conversation we have about nuclear has impact. Everything from talking with public officials on Capitol Hill to going to local schools or speaking at community event, our members are passionate about the future of nuclear energy and we love opportunities to inform and engage the public,” said Christine Johnsen, NAYGN fleet president.

North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN) was established in 1999 as an organization that provided professional development, public information, knowledge transfer, recruiting and networking opportunities for the next generation of nuclear leaders. NAYGN has conducted hundreds of thousands of hours of activities to educate the public and provided development opportunities at the local, regional, national and continental level.

Photo:  Jessi Link, an engineer with Oconee Nuclear Station presents to an elementary class as part of the NAYGN Drawing Contest.