Girl Scouts Help Fill a Vital Role at Robinson Nuclear Plant

More than a dozen Robinson Nuclear Plant volunteers assisted members of Girl Scout Troop 119 with earning their painting badges recently. Each member received her own bird house to paint and take home. They also painted several bird houses for Robinson volunteers to put at the plant site.

The bird houses are one aspect of Robinson’s beautification project that aims to promote wildlife habitat at industry sites. The Wildlife and Industry Together (WAIT) program is designed to encourage corporate landowners to integrate wildlife habitat needs into corporate land management decisions. The program assists corporations, employees, facility neighbors and other groups that desire to develop environmental projects in partnership with each other.

While the bird houses fill a vital role at the plant, it was the handy work of the local Scouts that made the project truly memorable.

“We are thrilled that Troop 119 was able to help us with this project. They provided the artistic touch that we needed to really make this project special,” Duke Energy Spokesperson Charles Ellison said.

It was about more than painting, though. While working with the Scouts, volunteers from Robinson answered questions about their careers.

“The folks here today have diverse backgrounds, from program coordinators to engineers. This is a great way to go ahead and get the children thinking about what they may be interested in doing down the road. We never know what the seeds we plant will blossom into,” Ellison said.

Robinson Nuclear donated $1,000 to the troop to assist them in buying sashes, books and other supplies.