Local Realtors Get Inside Look at the Oconee Nuclear Station

Realtor tour

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, we’ve all heard the saying, “Location, location, location.”  Location is also important for nuclear power plants, and one of the things both a nuclear plant and prime real estate share is the desire for lake front property.

“A lot of the clients we work with have chosen to retire to this area because of the central location to both lakes and mountains,” realtor Sharon Guess said.

Nuclear plants use large amounts of water to cool steam that is used to turn giant turbines. Recently at the Oconee Nuclear Station, in Seneca, S.C., situated on Lake Keowee, nearly a dozen local real estate agents toured the plant to better understand the safety systems in place and the function that Lake Keowee serves for plant operations.

“We want to work with these agents and be a resource for their clients when it comes to purchasing land near a nuclear station,” said BJ Gatten, communications manager at the Oconee Nuclear Station.  “A lot of times people don’t fully understand the multiple layers of protection that are in place for the safe operation of a nuclear plant and the fact that we can coexist and share this beautiful lake without concerns.”

Most of the real estate agents on the tour have sold lake front property for a number of years, and said clients do ask questions about living near a nuclear plant. But, after this tour, many said they felt better informed to answer the questions their clients may have.

“A lot of the details we heard today we may not remember, but what I took away from this tour was the overall safety of this nuclear plant and the redundant systems in place for the safety of those living around the plant,” said Donna Absher, realtor and tour participant.